Once we are done with the technology selection brainstorming, in parallel we start setting up the tools specific to the project.


We setup a project in RainingClouds Basecamp account, and Invite client with client role.

Heroku / AWS Account

Based on the nature of the project we select either Heroku or AWS (Amazon Web Services) instances. For this we use either clients account or start with single dyno based Heroku instance for the starters.

GitHub / BitBucket

We setup our own GitHub / BitBucket repositories. We give read access to the client, so if they are interested they can go through the code and status of the various code related issues at any time.

Trello / Pivotal Tracker

Based on the decision we setup Trello or Pivotal Tracker board for the project using RainingClouds account. Clients have read and write access to the board, so at any time they can put the new requests/ToDos/bugs on the board.

Slack Private Group and Channel

We setup a Slack Private Group for the client with the restricted access (Single Group Access) where they can interact with the RainingClouds team real-time.