This e-book is the articulation of the culture and code of conduct that we follow inside RainingClouds. This is written and maintained to train everyone who's coming inside RainingClouds as well as for the potential customers who want to know about RainingClouds.

Being from a product startup background, we are trained for creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) at pace and getting crucial feedback from the market to lay out the product road map. When We started services, we realized that along with pace, processes matters a lot when you are working with clients. And since then we have been amending this document for setting up a painless and an effective processes which are suitable for developer as well as clients.

We are developer focused company and one of the biggest odds we faced with existing process are

  1. Some things are overhead for developer.
  2. Some are bit complicated for non technical clients, so sometimes they are really not able to track the exact progress of the project.
  3. Distributed ownership becomes problem in some cases.

But it doesn't mean that existing practices are not good, but we wanted flavor of something which is not an overhead for developers and also easily understandable for non-technical clients.

We continuesly evaluate the processes and enhance it for the betterment of product development.