Product Understanding Sprint

It's a critical step to get a clear understanding about the product. This is the time when we are in clients shoes and trying to grasp all the possible thoughts, ideas about the product. The timespan of the sprint would be maximum 5 days. The aim of the sprint is to prepare a product blueprint. Everything that we discuss during the sprint is ends up in a document that we call as project blueprint. It would be the guiding principle during the entire development.

We divide the sprint into two stages:

  1. Client's Product Pitch
  2. User's View

Client's Product Pitch

We ask our clients to pitch the product to us same like you do with Investors. We involve all the major stakeholders in the conversation and keep video recording of same.

Primary questions that we ponder on:

  1. What’s the Problem your are trying to solve?
  2. What’s the Solution you are trying to propose?
  3. What are people forced to do now because what you plan to make doesn't exist yet?
  4. What are the other solution providers who are solving the same the problem? ( USP, Launch date)
  5. What do you understand about the Problem that other companies / solutions in it just don't get?
  6. Who is Ideal customer for your solution?

Goal of the stage:

  1. Understanding the problem and the vision about the product.
  2. Understand the logical belief behind the offered solution via product.


  1. Create a critical path for the users to discover and use the solution offered by the Product.

  2. We ask client to fill up our 'Quest Form'. It focuses on getting your expected inclination details towards product development. We have separate quests for Android, iOS and Web applications. Here is Android Quest for reference.


In the first week, we have a 30-40 minutes hangout call to understand different aspects about the product like Finalizing features for MVP, Approaches to the problem, Technical possibilities, design patterns, User experience etc.

User's View

We believe in understanding target user's perspective towards the problem. We ask our clients to give a set of 5 ideal users for the product. Before that, We prepare detailed questionnaire around problem the product is trying to solve. We schedule a Call or One on One meeting with them. We ask them the questions to understand user psyche, usability and discovery aspect of the product. We do record user interviews for future reference.

Goal of the stage:

  1. Understand users point of view towards problem.


  1. Create detailed Customer Persona.