Project Management Tools


Project management is mainly focused on the communication between the client and RainingClouds. So we have chosen the most generic tool called "Basecamp".

Basecamp is the place where all the asynchronous discussions will happen. So if anyone has to sync up with the latest development of the project, Basecamp will be the starting point of it.

Along with the normal discussions, we push out the weekly reviews of each project, that covers the overall progress made in that week, the problems we have faced, new things introduced and the stories that we are taking up for the next week. This will be created as a new discussion on Basecamp, and all the comments will be considered in amendment of the plan. The last comment will be the final plan if at all there are any changes in the plan.

For mobile projects

We use Basecamp to release mobile builds as well. Actually we have an internally developed tool (soon to be released in public) called Distribit which automatically posts new builds as soon as they are submitted to the tool by developer.

All the exceptions that are happening are logged into the Distribit and all the developers are notified with that exception.

Types of builds

Nightly builds

Nightly builds are the builds pushed at the end of feature implementation. These are mainly for testers. So no Basecamp messages will be pushed for these builds. But all the devices that have an installed version of the app will be notified using push notifications along with the description of the update.

Weekly builds

Weekly builds are the sprint release builds. These are stable builds and there will be a separate Basecamp message for each of the weekly builds.